70 Acre Event and Entertainment Business.

This 70 acre farm is located in Snohomish County and provides a pastoral setting for the business, home, and events and venues. 40 Acres of the property is allocated to the growing and harvesting of pumpkins, squash, and gourds, 15 acres to a corn maze, 5 acres to sweet corn, and 8 acres to parking. For almost 35 years, since 1983, this business has provided eco-friendly, agri-entertainment that has delighted many families, children, and newlyweds. This business was the first pumpkin patch in Snohomish County. The farm, which has been in the family for over 3 generations, started out as a fun learning center for families and kids to learn about farms and to enjoy the produce that is produced. Over the years, up until 1999, it remained a business centered on Halloween and the celebration of fall. In 1999, the business expanded its offerings to include events – weddings, family reunions, and tailgate sales. The current breakdown is 80% pumpkin sales and 20 % venues. During the Thanksgiving/Halloween season the business offers many events - Pumpkin Patch, Kids Adventure Maze, I-Spy, Holiday gift shop, Farm Animals, Harvest Market, 15-Acre Corn Maze, a Night owls maze, and Kids Adventure maze, hayrides, espresso and food shack, face painting, and numerous activities and festive offerings. The business does not charge an admission fee and does not have many of the more adult activities that the neighboring farms have – this would be an area that the new owner could capitalize on to increase the profits. The business is closed from December to March each year. The business could easily be expanded by the next owner by staying open at Christmas time and having special Christmas events, increasing the number of Corporate events and venues (currently the business does not cater to Corporate events) and promoting winter weddings. The current business focuses a majority of its time on the Halloween season and summer weddings. The current owner does very little promotion for the pumpkin farm or the wedding business – they primarily rely on their length of time in the pumpkin business, word of mouth, reputation, and for the wedding business they relying on their website and the website for the Snohomish Wedding Guild, who refers clients to them for weddings.