CRM/RM SaaS Cloud Platform to embed machine learning and AI enabling the delivery of highly scale-able customer engagement solution

The lack of Sales Productivity in Salesforce and other big CRM platforms are creating next generation of startups that provide direct solutions to improve prospecting, closing and enabling productivity for reps and managers. They have raised over $100m+ from venture capital and looking to disrupt their core business.

Even with all the technology and tools, Sales Productivity is still at an all-time low. Startups that are providing end-to-end experiences is completely changing the definition of “Customer Relationship Management” by morphing email, phone and crm — the core business of Salesforce and other big vendors is slowly being disrupted.

A growing business requires integrated social and communication CRM platform customized for managing and growing their business. For SMBs, most of the tools that are available today are complex and expensive to be productive.
Being in the Sales and Customer Relations Management software space, there has never been a more exciting time. The stakes has never been higher. Players that win in the next few years will control the core workflow for business users, will own the systems of record, and with the advent of AI, will start to completely transform how humans work.

The Solution
We are building a next generation of business automation tools. Our goal is to take the complexity out of the leading CRMs and make it easier and affordable for growing businesses to collaborate with customers in scaling their business.
Our framework will embed machine learning and artificial intelligence into the platform to enable clients to deliver exceptional and highly scale-able customer engagement solutions.
The platform simplifies the workflow and powers fast-growing businesses with Sales, Marketing, and Billing and Business intelligence capabilities in the cloud computing platform.
We have all the tools for managing the entire cycle of business in easy to use platform with open API and integration tool set for building vertical specific templates and plugins.