The Company designs and manufactures specialty molds as well as precision parts. The Company targets specialty medical, automotive, and other micro mold and part market segments across the US. In addition, the Company manufactures patented nylon roof sheathing clips for the construction industry. With a superior industry reputation, strong customer relationships, industry expertise, equipment capabilities, proprietary product lines, and solid management team, the Company is well-positioned for growth.

The Company focuses on micro and metal injection markets, including catheter joints, ophthalmological surgery aids, orthodontic components, surgical implants, vascular surgery aids, and firearms components.

* Industry Expertise: In addition to the principals' extensive mold industry experience, many of the Company’s key employees also have significant industry and service knowledge. This wealth of experience and expertise provides the Company with a significant intangible asset and advantage over many regional and national competitors.

* Strong Customer Relationships: The Company has strong ties to clients due to its industry expertise and excellent customer service. The Company’s database includes approximately 455 customers.

* Broad Target Markets: The Company targets medical, automotive, construction, hand tool, and industrial market segments. The Company expects to capitalize on the broad market segments during the pro forma period.