Offered for sale is a company that creates compelling consumer engagements which help media companies monetize and promote their content in new and unique ways through online and mobile applications. This includes digital interactive entertainment experiences such as quick-play social and mobile games. These experiences are developed and distributed by the company via its proprietary automated content transition system, scalable server architecture, and cloud-based entertainment platform.
The company is currently working with a leading media company to develop interactive social games and prediction-based contests (similar to their sports-based interactive broadcast features) for live/linear broadcasts of reality, awards and other types of shows. There have been numerous engagements to date, with the latest awards show bringing in over 200,000 game plays with an average game duration of over 5 minutes. This media company relationship provides the company with access to tens of millions of cable subscribers. The company also has an opportunity to exploit data and analytics derived from its user base – a currently underutilized asset.
Other partnerships include international media companies and major sports leagues including Universal Studios, Warner Bros., MGM, Sony, the NFL and MLB. These relationships can be easily transferred to a new owner.