Sep 6, 2016This company holds a critical patent license that is the keystone for all dominant digital eco- systems. This license was obtained through patent sale to APPLE Inc., a company that universally rejects licensing by default. This license, the only in existence, grants the user exclusive rights to both protect its current distribution system, while also getting new invaluable rights.

This company's license will allow the investor to use the exact same digital distribution technology that Apple, Inc. has in its current iterations of iCloud and iTV. Buyer will own its content-protected digital distribution enterprise.

The acquirer will have access to the most secure and private digital content network currently in existence. This industry leading patent license allows the acquirer multiple revenue streams for infrangible distribution, and resale of digital content without ever downloading onto a device.

The patent technology is applicable to all content distribution systems for Television, Movies, Sports, Live Events, Gaming, Operating Systems, Lecture/Education and Virtual Reality.

This is the key patent license to the backbone of Apple Inc.'s vertical media distribution strategy. A substantial analysis portfolio has already been conducted and includes extensive patent and legal due diligence. These documents are described in detail in the confidential memorandum.

This offering is made available to key players in this exact distribution market, as well as, financial investors. Needless to say, once the asset is sold, there is no other legal remedy in the market.

Given the significant impact on the media distribution industry and the successful bidder's securing his own entities' legal position against future patent infringement claims by Apple or any third party, Seller expects minimum bids to start at $20m - with a guidance of $40m.

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