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Feb 25, 2019This company is a Global patent holder of a new technology which provides a new Green Environmental Emission Technology (ERS) for diesel (truck) engines. The new technology produces Pure H2 (H2, Dihydrogen) and injects it at the place of combustion eliminating the need for storage while deriving a more efficient burn of the diesel fuel being used.

This technology reduces the amount of CO2 emissions while increasing fuel efficiency, torque and brake horsepower of diesel engines by an average of 26%. The technology also enhances the performance of LPG and LNG domestic gas supplies. This technology converts Dirty Diesel trucks into clean running / longer lasting and more efficient diesel-powered transportation vehicles with near ZERO emissions.

This technology provides a retrofit solution.

This technology is patented by the parent companies and they are the exclusive license holders to operate and sell the ERS technology Globally.

1. This System burns 100% of fuel.
2. Extends engine life by 100%.
3. Reduces fuel consumption up to 26%.
4. Extends service intervals by 100%.

Projected Revenue for Year 1 with .57% US market penetration producing 120,000 units is $1.9B.

Projected Revenue for Year 2 with 1.2% US market penetration producing 240,000 units is $3.8B.

Projected Revenue for Year 3 with 2% US market penetration producing 360,000 units is $5.7B.

This project will create tens of thousands of new jobs.

Some of the benefits of this ground-breaking technology are:

Savings: The ROI for this Diesel engine system is nine months. The Government is offering rebates, support, and loans for the adoption of this kind of technology to buyers.

Maintenance: The use of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is reduced by up to 80% and oil changes can be extended by 50%. Factoring reduction in labor and costs for faulty and replacement parts, the savings are significant.

Efficiency: Using Hydrogen for diesel combustion ignites remaining fuel particulates that are emitted as waste. This results in more fuel efficiency. Full combustion of Diesel increases the converted power to wheels resulting in up to 26% savings on diesel fuel.

Engine Life: Since Hydrogen ensures that all the fuel is consumed, deposits and impurities that normally build up in the engine are eliminated. This makes the operating metrics of an engine clean and pure at all times.

HP & Torque: Converting wasted fuel into energy increases horsepower and torque with an estimated 10% improvement.

This technology is a product of over 35 years of research, design, and testing.

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