This Business was started in 2013 after an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign. The Business has a unique home goods accessory that is its most popular product along with other accessories that are used for entertaining. The Sellers have endeavored to automate the business and spend only a few hours each week on the Business.
Products are sold direct-to-consumer through the Company’s website and several online retailers. The Business wholesales to multiple mass merchandisers, well-known home goods stores and boutiques. Some of the products are popular promotional items as well. Less than $20,000 in inventory produces $215,273 in cash flow.
There is plenty of room for growth. A new owner could seek out more wholesaling opportunities and drive revenues. Additionally, a new owner can reach out to hundreds of hot leads that are always looking for new promotional items and retail products. The product line can also be expanded to include other products that cater to the customers’ tastes.