The Green Elephant à © one up Service that brings advantages, relationship and the Vendor Information. Through social commerce, nothing more à © than the famous old word of mouth amplified and driven by these tools in the digital environment, one of the goals à © offer products and Services for minor preços that characterizes edge in the gut © Defining the elephant. In this process, both the advertisers and the consumer terá discounts São benefit.
What drives the serviçoeo leaves out the standings £ o a site of collective purchases à © exactly the other two terms present in Defining the: relationship and the Vendor Information. Through a social network própria, the Green Elephant offers customers a tool to exchange Prints and data about the deals, companies, services offered and any other interaçà £ o among registered. Beyond © addition, thanks to a £ punctuation system as the navel of £ participate in the Elephant - whether buying, relating or commenting - the usuário is highlighted in a weekly ranking and has one sà © rie of benefits to continue using the services.
The último Tripa's term ©, to £ informaçà the, à © out in two different spaces in the Green Elephant: the first à © in the guide of products and services, in which £ is the registered all the establishments of city ​​and próprios usuários fill £ o the information about each one, telling their Experiences and Prints on each site. Ida © ia à © foster wholesal © Commerce and £ prestaçà the local services, through próprios consumers that city. To all this add up blogs with columnists known in municipalities. In this area, will be £ published the texts, photos Blogs Downloads on various subjects, whose holders will be speakers £ o chosen according to their skills in certain subjects.

à rea: Home Based
_ Franchise fee: R $ 10,000
_ Working capital: R $ 4,700
_ Training and Publicity: R $ 7,000
_ Instalaçà £ o (Informática equipment): R $ 2,500
_ Instalaçà £ o (mobiliário): R $ 500
_ Opening Company: R $ 450
_ Operating profit: 40%
_ Royalties: 8% of gross revenues
_ Marketing Fund: 2% of gross revenues
_ Return Time: 7 to 10 months
_ Monthly Gross revenue: MÃ © day of R $ 15,000 to R $ 20,000.

Total estimated investment: R $ 25,000.00