(UPDATE! The asking price has been reduced from 5,000,000 baht to 4,500,000 baht.) Imminent owner retirement has forced the offering of this five year old Bangkok English Language School. The school has around 250 students, normally between eight and 10 full time and part time expatriate teachers, and is realising annual net profits of 2,400,000 baht, from receipts of 7,200,000 baht, after the deduction of all running costs; these include monthly rent of 170,000 baht and monthly salaries that total around 200,000 baht. The 358 square metre school has a high profile location, in one of the city's premier shopping malls. A very reasonable asking price has been set, the owner feels, as it is much less than asset value (8,000,000 baht), or equivalent to less than two times earnings. New asking price: 4,500,000 baht.