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May 8, 2019The Company is the developer and proprietary owner of this platform, an award-winning self-service suite of enterprise communication and collaboration tools offered in three distinct packages.

The Company is currently awaiting a contract with a Gov't entity worth $40MM.

This offering is for a $50,000,000 investment capital for 90% equity acquisition of The Company that encompasses three packages:
An enterprise collaboration software.
Property management software.
Permit management software.

The permit management software is scaled and is already at a million mark in revenues for this financial year. The other two packages are awaiting deployment and launch shortly.

The Company is an innovative entrepreneurial company for the IT industry. The company is based out of the US with subsidiary ownership in India. The company is the developer of the platform a next-generation set of business collaborations tools. The solution combines the capabilities of multiple products into a single scalable solution with the protection of leading cybersecurity software and protocols.

The solutions provided by The Company are integrated to increase employee productivity through collaboration, creative process management, and documents, media and data sharing. All these capabilities while protecting individual and company intellectual property and information at a fraction of the cost of procuring individual solutions.

Product and Services
The Enterprise Communication and Collaboration Software (Better than Slack)
The Company’s enterprise software is a self-service suite of enterprise communication and collaboration tools set with advantages of operating in the social context – sharing, connectedness, collaboration, productivity, real-time communication, and community. It is targeted for any type of organization from small, medium, and large and any other entity of aggregated individuals. These tools include
• Personal Wall (posts) with the ability to attach any file type, including three-dimensional images, to each and every comment within a post conversation
• Customized access and participation within individual posts
• Real-time multi-language conversion.
• File management tools
• Integrated event planning
• Multi-lingual messenger creates an interactive channel of communication among members of teams within an organization allowing them to manage projects in “real-time”
• Patent pending video technology. With video, user videos post in “real-time” to any Smart Wall.

Permit management software
The Company is in the process of acquiring a newer entity, a proprietary permit management software. This software solution is aimed at governments and regulatory institutions that offer various permits like for instance, building permits. The software streamlines and enables for an automated permit applications process, Review, Payment and issuance while integrating customization based on permit type. This software has several benefits to users;
• Faster permit processing and issuance
• Reduction of corruption
• Labour costs reduction
• Improved access (Systems are 24/7 online)
This software is operated and has over 400 blue-chip companies in over 155 cities and towns in the North East United States. It is currently at $1million revenue mark for this year.

Building management software

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