A startup software product company is looking to sell it's enterprise mobility product (emc²) which is the world's first enterprise mobility tool for ubiquitous and continuous monitoring and alerting, runtime control, and tuning and configuration of Oracle Fusion Middleware Weblogic SOA and Service Bus landscape using iPad and Android mobile tablets.

This product enables the enterprise to manage the Weblogic resources and applications and the Oracle Fusion SOA enterprise, quickly and effectively from anywhere. emc² can monitor the health of the Weblogic subsystems, Java EE applications and SOA Services, JVM, Datasources, JMS queues and topics, Store and Forward agents, Thread Pools, and JTA transactions. Even identify and monitor stuck threads on servers.

Installation and configuration of emc² is easy and quick and provides a great return on investment (ROI) by identifying potential performance and catastrophic issues in the Weblogic landscape and enabling proactive actions to keep the middleware and hosted applications running smoothly.

The owner of this company wishes to sell the product including source code (written primarily in Java and Jython) and software copyright. The product was developed but not actively marketed to enterprise customers for sale due to lack of time for the owner and developer.

The salient features of the product are:

1. Mobile dash-boarding for monitoring, tuning, and controlling the Oracle Fusion Middleware landscape.

2. Role-based access control to enable segregation of duties and support governance.

3. Custom monitoring from each mobile tablet - iPad or Android.

4. Custom setup of alerts and continuous alerting.

5. Control Weblogic Servers and resources - servers, clusters, SOA services, datasources and JMS.

6. Track actions performed on the Oracle Fusion middleware landscape and view outcomes.

7. Manage Weblogic application servers, Oracle SOA Suite, and Oracle Service Bus for both 11g and 12c versions.

8. Provide high availability with failover capability to monitor production systems continuously without disruptions.

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