Our firm offers, for your ownership consideration, an established full service Indian restaurant, with full bar, specializing in authentic Indian cuisine. The restaurant is located in an endcap, along one of the busiest streets for restaurants in Dallas (estimated 35,000 cars/day). The restaurant was totally designed from scratch and equipped with all-new equipment. In a very short time, the restaurant was nominated 'Best in Class' in the major publications in Dallas, also received several great reviews from top food editors/critics in Dallas.
The restaurant has found its niche in the Indian market and also in the specialised catering market. The business was profitable within 3 months of starting and has built a strong customer base including catering for Indian events. The restaurant includes many features not typically available at Indian restaurants. The owner has also developed a profitable online order and delivery business which places well in online searches. A daily lunch buffet is featured in addition to a la carte menu. Extended hours allow customers access to unique dishes that are not easy to find in other Indian restaurants. A major asset of the business is the trained, dedicated employees and written procedures/recipes to help ensure smooth operations. The Seller expects that all employees are willing to stay if desired by a new owner.
Local offices and businesses generate strong lunch traffic. The restaurant has attracted high profile diners including Bollywood stars and local VIP's. The restaurant has generated significant public relations buzz with a successful events and positive press coverage. Local American customers are increasing (with very high check averages). The owner estimates that Non-Indian customers now exceed Indian customers 60% to 40%! The restaurant has developed a loyal and dedicated clientele and has Many growth opportunities for a new owner-operator. The Seller works part-time in the business. The Seller feels that an Owner-Operator can earn $75,000 at the current sales and much more by growing the business sales and profits. Seller reports that sales are typically 20% cash-80% credit cards and food/beverage ratios are approximately 95% food-5% beverage.
The asking price for the assets of the business is $199,000 ALL CASH or $240,000 with $120,000 cash down payment and $120,000 seller financing (5 yrs, 8%, monthly payments of approximately $2,433.17) to a purchaser qualified and approved by the Seller. The assets include inventory at cost of $8,000 and FFE (Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment) valued at $125,000. A purchaser will need to assume a Dishwashing Machine lease (approximately $290/mo) and Ice Machine (approximately $150/mo).