For sale is a business that is disrupting the highly profitable (and growing) supplement industry. The supplement industry is $132.8 billion industry in 2016 and expected to reach $220.3 billion in 2022.

The founders of this business created a key product to fill a key void in the market. A natural and highly effective joint supplement that would appeal to the health conscious consumer. An expert doctor and nutritionist formulated the product based on clinical data and research to allow the best results with the least risk of adverse reaction.

Their growing customer base is a loyal group of health conscious consumers (primarily women 40+) who want the best possible quality of life. A lot of them are suffering from inflammatory conditions and want the best possible solution for themselves.

They have over 1400 testimonials just for the main product and 160+ for the other product from thankful customers with stories of their transformations.

The business has a very seasoned account on Amazon with 3000+ seller feedback and 99%+ of it is positive.

Word of mouth and smart marketing allows the business to turn these success stories into more revenue. The future looks bright for this business as they look forward to continuing to spread the message and growing the brand.

NOTE - financials shown are for Nov 2016 - Aug 2017. Annualized run rate based on the last 9 months is $420,897 in revenue and $178,219 profit.

Highlights & Key Assets:

- Highly developed systems that can eliminate what would take thousands of hours to learn. Systems and processes for ALL the parts of the business so a new owner can just train people to fill the roles and work ON the business instead of IN the business.
-Trademarked brand name and Brand registry with Amazon so that this business is the only one that can sell these products.
-2 High quality natural products that are unmatched in effectiveness and purity
-2 Optimized Amazon listing with over 1400+ positive reviews and another with 160+ positive reviews.
-An amazing 40% conversion rate on the main products Amazon page and 70% conversion rate for the secondary product.
-Formulated by a Doctor based on Clinical Research.
-High percentage of repeat customers.
-Low percentage of returns.
-Software to accelerate results (for example they have html coded emails that convert to generate at least 1-2 honest positive reviews per day)
-Very unique strategies in driving facebook traffic that converts.
-A lot of potential in growth with launching new products in the same niche.