Great and very seldom chance to buy a 8 year old Press & Stock Photo Agency.

Business was started in 11/2008 as department of an Austrian GMBH. We was growing up to around 150.000 images with 269 registered photographers as of 11/2016.

Main photo categories are celebrities, art & culture, theater, art exhibitions, local and international news, sport and some selected stock images, especially travel.

Due to the fact that IT was a main part of the Group GMBH since 1985, since 2016, after a 2-year development, we operate with a new, fast, secure, fully automated and easy to handle software. Software is available in source code for easy maintenance and further development. Photographers from 30 countries can easy handle this and also Backend is very easy, more or less automated for photographers, customers and office.

Because of health reasons (Stroke) I am looking for someone taking over the agency as asset deal.

What you get:

- an 8 year old, very well known, Press and Stock Image Photo Agency with great reputation
- a great group of registered photographers and customers
- ~ 150.000 images, some of them exclusive
- server and software in source code
- Domain Name
- All equipment to issue own press cards for yourself and photographers
- optional on request a fresh founded Austrian or Germany based GMBH (LTD) if continuing here

Your profit is 50% of every sale!

Because it is a department of the GMBH the Agency includes the named positions, without any debits, obligations aso. Furthermore I was prepared that building up a international Photo Agency needs around 5-8 Years to be big enough to start being successful. You can expand immediately with the full power of a solid build up Agency. Chances like this are more then rare. On request there is the possibility to take over the agency including a fresh founded GMBH (Austria or Germany based), but you are free to use an existing one, or fresh founded by yourself.

For an investor or photographer taking over the Agency is very interesting because it would be easy to grow huge from now on. The full system is mostly automated. No need to take over staff, debits or anything cost intensive with longer obligations. Because of this business can be relocated as needed/wanted without any problems.

I am very sorry that I am not able to continue to lead the Agency as planed, but due to a stroke I am not able to grow it further. The Agency is a very special baby for me and I look for a good place for this baby.

In case of interest, my GMBH, owned 100% by me, would also be willing to take up to 25% of the shares in the future, being available with consulting to help the next owner and leader, especially during transfer of the Agency.

I would be very happy to hear from you.


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