Near Jet-Ready (90% complete), 9-or-less, "Basic" certificated entity. *
-- DO/CP, DOM can stay on for transition – contractual basis
-- Aircraft on now / in the past: PA28-181 (now) / Cirrus SR22 (past)
-- Piper can stay on as exclusive use for the transition – must sign lease
-- Certificated for 4 years; Good standing with the FAA
-- Electronic Recordkeeping approvals
-- B050 has: CONUS, Canada, Mexico
-- Certificate is based in Southern California -- can be transferred
-- GOM is:
-- Freshley Updated 3 weeks ago - ready for submittal to FSDO;
-- IS-BAO Compliant;
-- Conformed to ED DCTs for initial certification;
-- Annotated with references to regulations, DCTs, FAA ACs, and Order 8900.1;
-- Set up for Jet Aircraft additions with International Ops for Mexico, Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico (Ext Overwater Ops), Ops Policy for RVSM Compliance, EFB, EOD, ERP
-- Compliance Statement has been freshly updated - ready for submittal to FSDO
-- FOTM is based on pre-approved language from contract training (easy conversion to contract training).

* This certificate has been allocated to a temporary project. Availability date is 9/1/2018. This information is subject to change without notice.