This jewelry listing consists of 30% manufacturing and 70% distribution and sales to over 60 retail locations. For decades, this jewelry manufacturer has overseen the entire jewelry-making process, from the alloy of raw materials, through to designing and nationwide distribution. The company has worked closely with many national brands in the creation of OEM products, and is retailed in dozens of locations and online.

In 2017, the company grossed over $88M in sales and profited $6.7M. Seeking to streamline costs and increase efficiency, the current leadership has started to implement company-wide software and curtailed some redundant positions.

The purchase price includes major assets with the replacement value of $18,994,994, and working inventory valued at $12,376,798.

Assets Included in Purchase: $36,569,121
Equipment: $7,404,511
Transportation Equipment: $1,227,206
Leasehold Improvements: $5,904,834
Inventory Included:
Raw Material: $3,010,830
Work in Process: $339,044
Finished: $8,555,738
In-Transit: $471,186
Direct Costs: $7,300,000 in manufacturing and overhead labor that is irreplaceable
A/R: $2,355,772 – comprised of financing line and outstanding dues from wholesale customers

*amounts may vary

Inventory Available in Separate Purchase if Desired
Retail: $32,852,683*

Sellers will tally retail inventory upon the sale of the business to determine the most accurate number.

*As of December 31st, 2017

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