We offer formation of various types of Commercial Banks, European Union.
1. Unrestricted General Banking License. Set up fees $200 000. Set up time 4 month. Paid up capital requirement 5 million euros.
2. So called "Specialized" Bank. It's a Bank with 1 million euros paid up capital only. This type of license restricts providing investment services or manage investment, pension funds or be active by providing other services related to security emissions.
However, all "old-fashioned" Banking activities are in place:
– Lending, including issuing Lines of Credit;
– Payment services, including, but not limited to, issuing and accepting Letters of Credit, Bank Guarantees, Money Transfers, etc.;
- Currency exchange;
– Issuing of e-money;
– Issuing Bank guarantees;
– Fund administration;
– Financial leasing;
– Financial intermediation;
– Creditworthiness assessment services;
– Safe-deposit box rental.
Set up fees USD 200 000, time frame 6 month. Specialized Banking License can later be upgraded to full license.

We also offer full set of banking services such as SWIFT, Euroclear, correspondent bank accounts, Visa/MasterCard programs, branches worldwide, qualified personnel, etc.
Only principals with available POF are welcome to inquire.

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