Nationwide Traditional Ice cream franchise with a large existing customer base is available for acquisition. This franchise was first established in 2008 by the current owner and additionally a semi food truck was started in early 2015. While there's a few competitors in the local area, competition is lacking due to the exceeding demand for ice cream in the local area of limited ice cream stores and due to the longer history of this location's first establishment. Sales are currently running at $260,000-$280,000/year in total net sales with an expected immediate increase in the next few years. One of the most renowned grocery stores in US is establishing itself beside this location as the largest model store in the nation. The new establishment of the flagship grocery store will bring tremendous traffic to the area and immensely increasing overall sales of this business by at least twice the original sale if not more. Given the fact that this store has more to offer than a normal grocery store, you can expect to have a variety of different customers that visit near this location. Right behind the business is also a theater whose customers often visit this Ice cream franchise in large groups providing potential to increase sales with the projected increase in traffic. One of the main profit centers is the recently made semi food truck which has attended over 12 events this year and generated an increase in sales by $20,000. The products at this location are a variety of 100 different flavors of ice creams, toppings, cupcakes, shakes, smoothies, and ice cream cakes which are all freshly made in-house daily. This nationwide franchise ice cream store located in West Dallas is expected to keep exceeding its competitors in sales and establish itself as the best ice cream in the area.

Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment: $105,000 (Included in listed price)
Inventory: $4,000 (Included in listed price)
Financing: 100% down at the time of closing or 50% cash down with SBA Financing for qualified buyers.
Year Established: 2008
Employees: 5PT

Facilities: A theater is located right behind this business and immensely increases the sales from the large groups that often visit the business. All equipment is in excellent condition and up-to-date. Once the large grocery chain comes into the retail strip, the ice cream store will be directly in front of the chain store bringing customers to the store more often. Support/Training: Owner will provide training for a period of 2 weeks for a smooth transition into the operation.
Reason Selling: Owner burned out from many years of operating this business.
Competition: Couple competitors are within a 3 mile radius, but are lacking in years of operation compared to this business. A supermarket is planned to open soon nearby the business which will expose this location to huge traffic.
Growth And Expansion: To advertise this business outward the use Groupon and local magazines including coupons is used to increasing sales by a fair amount with the expansion of customers. The semi-food-truck is the profit center since it mainly sells ice cream at a higher price increasing profit margins. There will be unlimited potential for this business to grow after the large chain grocery store comes into the retail strip. This business can be expected to grow by twice fold or more in sales from the new crowd of customers.