Device recycling of cell phone and tablets is one of the largest and most lucrative businesses you can operate from home. You can buy back phones and resell them to consolidators and earn significant margins of up to 100% on each device. Custom software we developed that works just like Gazelle. We provide full training and will setup up with everything you need including device purchasing partners, software system and training. Due to other obligations we are unable to continue on operating this business with unlimited upside.

The Business Model

Step 1. Getting the Phone - SelltheCell buys phones directly from consumers or in bulk from stores. Consumers often are not price sensitive (i.e. they just want to get rid of the phone). The phone can be delivered by regular USPS mail. Once received we inspect the phone and either pays for it according to the condition or sends the phone back (in the case they don't want the phone).

Step 2. Selling the Phone to Wholesalers - The phone is now sold to bulk recyclers both domestic and international for a considerable markup. The recyclers will take any phone in any condition as they don't waste their time inspecting each and every phone. Phones in better condition will be fixed and sold as refurbished products in international markets. Phones in poor condition will be recycled for parts. In general they buy any phone in any condition. The average markup can range anywhere from 20-35%.

Step 3. Selling the Phone to Consumers - For phones in better condition the phone can be easily sold throw retail channels like Amazon, Ebay etc. for a considerable markup. Anywhere from 50-75% depending on the phone type and model.

The software was developed by a top Indian software company. The software can be deployed on any domain easily - in effect being transportable to any domain you choose should you want to create something specific for a certain phone model. Software is written in PHP and deployed on a standard Linux server.

You would be buying and owning the source code of the software. If required we will host the software for free for you for 1 year post-purchase or you can easily move it to your own server.

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