Family owned business with more than 100 years, strong track record and approved expansion plans. The shareholders are considering divesting their stake in the company since there is a succession lack.
The laboratory employs over 330 employees and more than 30 sales representatives working throughout the Brazilian territory. Although the company produces only medicine, it is authorized to manufacture medicines, cosmetics, perfumes and toiletries.
There are 31 medication records at ANVISA, among solids (26% of sale), semi-solids (13% of sales) and liquids (62% of sales).
Generic Drugs represent 17% of sales with 7 products. Other 4 Generic drugs registration application were filed at ANVISA and should be soon granted. Over-the-counter (OTC) drugs (37% of sales) and Prescription drugs (17% of sales) complete the portfolio, together with Nutritional and Phytotherapy products (30% of sales). The company manufactures its products using 32 Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API).
The Company currently operates 8 production lines at around 45% capacity (assuming 4 shifts of 6 hours each).
It is worth mentioning that the company enjoys generous tax incentives and uses it as a strategic advantage.

Financials: In Millions of Brazilian Real
Years Revenues EBITDA
2016 56 6.75
2015 52 6
2014 50 6
2013 48 5.75
2012 42 5

Financials: In Millions of USD
Years Revenues EBITDA
2016 14.0 1.7
2015 17.3 2.0
2014 20.0 2.4
2013 21.3 2.6
2012 21.5 2.6

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