This is a wonderful opportunity to expand an established boutique children’s fashion and lifestyle brand. Born out of a desire to provide parents with an alternative to high-priced European brands and inexpensive, character-driven shoes, its spirited approach blends fashion-forward style with affordability, durability and comfort. The designs are always simple, clean, modern and playful, with just enough of a nod to traditional sensibilities.

The brand, which includes infant, toddler and children’s sizes, has stood the test of time for the last 15 years while remaining true to its signature modern and classic character. The styles are on-trend but also incredibly functional and versatile, easily carrying kids from school, to the playground, to parties and more formal events.

Products are sold in a number of high-end retail and e-commerce channels in the U.S., with virtually no off-priced distribution. As a result, there are lucrative, untapped growth opportunities, both domestically and abroad. Licensing the brand to other product lines is a possibility and there is an additional potential to create lower-priced, sub-branded products and expand distribution into mass markets, including Amazon and its international equivalents, such as T-Mall and JD in China.

The company has an active and rapidly growing social media following, recently launched a Brand Ambassador program, and has been approached by several high-profile social media accounts regarding partnerships for growth.

The potential is endless with this ready-to-scale distribution model.