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Jul 8, 2020Farming:
The soils in the place are Franc to Franc-Sandy over a soft sloppy landscape, which makes the place with ideal conditions for agriculture, timber or pasture developments. There have been identified 5.500 has with farming conditions. This fact allowed the company to establish it’s own technological package and develop sustainable farming in this environment reaching average yields of 3.000 kgs/ha of Soybeans, 4.500 kgs/ha of Sorghum, 5.000 kgs/ha of Corn and 50 Tons/ha of whole Sorghum plant for silage proposes. The total area of the property is on top of a major underground aquifer (60 mts deep) with large amounts of fresh water to explode, which ensures good irrigation potential and unlimited quantity and high quality fresh water for cattle and humans.

The Pastures area was developed adapting different species and varieties of grasses by the type of soil on every paddock. Main planned grasses are Panicum Maximum cv. Gatton Panic; cv. Tanzania and Urochloa Brachiaria. This area is split in grazing paddocks of 50 to 60 has. Each paddock has access to a working/sorting pen with a 12.000 liters water trough for cattle. This allows to work on a rotational grazing system and doctor and sorting cattle in the pasture avoiding traveling longer distances to the processing area with it. Due to the grass intense growing rate, an annual average stocking rate of 800 kgs of live weight can be reached in the system. The grazing system is also backed up with hay production and a backgrounding dryly for the winter. If these two techniques and facility are enlarges, stocking rate could be raised a 30% more. Nowadays, the cattle area handles 11.000 heads of cattle year round. Woods belonging to the Natural Reservation (which by law, in this part of the country need to be 50% of total area from the property) are scientific evaluated and certified for conservationism and rational operation.


• 5 houses.
• Office.
• School.
• Refrigerated carcass processing cooler.
• Shelters and Shops for machinery and equipments.
• Generator.
• Sawmill.
• 1.200 mts landing strip.
• Welfare animal handling working pens.
• Water wells and central tank press water deposit.
• 2.000 heads dry-lot.
• Extruding Soy press for oil and expeller production

Satelital Area:
• 4 Stations completed equiped for living and working cattle.
• Crop headquarters with 2 shelters for storing seeds and grains.
• 55 kms of internal roads.
• 100% of the property is fenced.
• 100.000 lts/hr water well with an accessory reservoir pond of 150.000 cubic meters capacity for irrigation.

Watering System:
• 10 Water wells that pump water to different water reservoirs (elevated ponds) powered by (german) pumps and electricity generated by solar panels.
• Each grazing paddock has a water trough of a 12.000 lts capacity for proper cattle watering. Those thoughts are also connected one to each other.

Machinery & Equipments.
• 2 Combine Harvesters.
• 1 Sprayer.
• 3 Planters totalizing 51 lines.
• 7 Farming equipped tractors.
• 3 high capacity bulk carts.
• 1 Bag silage packer.
• 1 10 Ton Mixer.
• 2 heavy equipped 120 hp tractors (for pasture maintenance).
• 2 Rollers.
• 2 Tillers.
• 2 Plowers.
• 2 Water tank carts.
• 1 Articulated tractor with shovel.
• 5 4X4 trucks + 1 Station Wagon.
• 1 Cesna XP 172 Airplane.

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