Becoming a public company is a big step in the life of your company and can be extremely time consuming and costly. Our advisory firm can help make the process less stressful by helping you with providing a fully-reporting public shell company, or assist in filing a new filing. In addition, we look to make the proper connections to take you public and introduce you to the right firms in the legal and investment community.

As our client, we will help you determine the best course of action and create a reasonable timeline to become a publicly listed corporation. We will work with you to prepare all documents and materials, introduce you to a qualified PCAOB auditor, SEC Edgarizer/XBRL, and legal attorney.

With our years of experience in small companies and knowledge of banking and financial sources we help guide your path to becoming a public entity.

We can assist companies in going public on OTC BB and OTCMarkets which include the QX and QB.

*We also offer all SEC filing services which include Edgar and XBRL.

This information is for informational purposes only. It is not and should not be regarded as investment advice or as a recommendation on any particular security or course of action. This not an offer to buy or sell a security.