The most compelling evidence of this well-established company’s reputation is that its growth has been driven solely by referrals and repeat business—with no advertising. In addition to being directly engaged by owners of some of the most luxurious properties in the New York metropolitan area, the company is regularly tapped by prominent architects and interior designers, as well as top-tier general contractors, to contribute to their clients’ new construction and renovation projects—which may entail budgets of several million dollars. The company’s craftsmen are highly regarded for their expertise in hand stenciling, faux marbling, and the restoration of antique wall coverings, and in using glazing, gilding and polishing techniques to refurbish woodwork and cabinets. After completing a project, the company is often engaged to perform periodic maintenance on their original work. Since many clients own multiple homes, an initial project at a client’s primary residence may lead to a contract at one of their other properties. The most valuable asset the buyer of this business will acquire is a stellar brand that has been built over many years, and which should continue to generate strong repeat and referral patronage from its large base of highly discriminating property owners and preeminent design professionals.