Operating within an 80 mile radius in Northwestern Ohio, this Company is a high voltage electrical contractor with the experience, manpower, and equipment to deliver transmission, distribution, and substation projects for utilities and private-sector organizations. In addition to this unique service offering, the Company is also capable of constructing highway lighting, installing traffic signals, and wiring large-scale industrial equipment. The owner has spent nearly two decades building relationships with engineers, municipalities, and businesses in Ohio that have come to rely on the Company for quality work and a commitment to safety no matter how tight the deadline.

Although the owner enjoys his work and being active, he is looking forward to retirement. He is committed to facilitating a smooth ownership transition and is open to working alongside the new owner of the Company for the next two years.

Investment Highlights

Diversified Customer Base and Services: The Company can shift its focus from the public sector to the private sector depending on business cycles and is not tied to one industry or customer base for its success.
Long Project Duration: Large-scale projects typically have a duration of from 3 to 6 months and can even be multi-year.
Limited Competition: Because of the equipment requirements, highly specialized experience, and requisite industry relationships, the high-voltage electrical contracting business presents high barriers to entry for those considering getting into the business. Competition, especially in the region that the Company serves is limited.
Well-Established Relationships with Large Customers: The Company has worked for years with AT&T, the City of Toledo, and the State of Ohio. These relationships generate large projects and repeat business for the Company.

Growth Opportunities

Geographic Expansion: Ohio has a dynamic and growing economy, which consistently generates strong demand for the Company's expertise. Expanding the Company beyond its current regional footprint is limited only by the new owner's ambition, management expertise, and the financial resources required for investment in working capital and additional equipment.
Storm Chasing: States, counties, and municipalities must rapidly rebuild their infrastructure after a natural disaster, which requires massive investment and resources. A new owner may want to consider building a "storm chasing" team to pursue work in this high risk/high reward segment of the market.
Sales and Marketing: Marketing and lead generation efforts have been minimal. While focusing on serving existing customers exceedingly well has been a successful strategy for the Company for many years, rapid growth will require seeking out new customers and markets.