Vienna Hotel(s) – Spa For Sale - Oasis Of Tranquility.

This hotel group owner has over 30 hotels and spas and will discuss the sale of their total portfolio.

The city's new flagship hotel, is close to the centre of Vienna, offers 195 rooms and was opened in September 2013. The hotel's architectural journey through time from the Biedermeier period to the modern days provides an accurate reflection of Vienna's lair. High level of functionality and snug comfort provides the perfect working environment and a relaxing oasis of tranquility.

The Hotel located in Vienna is to satisfy a need for a modern city hotel of upscale 4-star category with architectural elegance, exceptional interior design and advanced functionality the high demands of business travelers and leisure guests. The property is centrally located and easily accessible, with direct subway connection between the western railway station and the new Vienna central station at Vienna and is the new flagship of the owner's hotel chain.