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Jan 9, 2020Most often when the term billion dollar company is thrown around, it automatically engenders thoughts of 150,000 employees and a worldwide footprint.

But this becomes a billion dollar company with just 2,805 people in a specialized field of finance.

The facts tell the story.

In 2016, I was commissioned by one of the top business graduate schools in the nation that will remain unnamed, to research and deliver the definitive white paper on the major ethnic groups, the labor force and their impact on the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the U.S.

It was my intention to limit the universe of groups to the three largest: Mexican-Americans (36.3M), Asian-Americans (17.3M) & Filipino-Americans 4.6M.

Unexpectedly, a 4th group was uncovered during my research and their impact was absolutely profound. It not only caused me to amend my findings, it was the impetus for New York Trust creating an entirely new channel.

It was so revelationary that I authored an article for Business Insights titled:

Indian-Americans: America’s REAL Success Story

I will bullet point what this group of less than 1% of the entire population has accomplished.

Indian people in the United States:

 They make up nearly 8% (35,000) of all doctors
 12% of scientists.
 1 of every 4 scientists at NASA is Indian
 7% of all people in the IT industry are Indian
 Microsoft (34%, IBM (28%), Intel (17%) & Xerox (13%)
 They have created 13.4% of all the start-ups in Silicon Valley
 They make up 3% of all engineers
 Since 1995, they have founded more technology companies than immigrants from the UK, China, Taiwan
& Japan, combined
 67% have college degrees and 40% have Master’s and Doctoral degrees which is 5x the national average
 Indian women have the highest percentage of degrees among all ethnicities
 Over 5,000 Indians were university professors in 2016

The target market for trust planning is the 74M Baby Boomers who control 3/4 (or 90 trillion) of all U.S. assets). By 2020, there numbers will grow to 105M with 120 trillion, respectively. Also, they will pass down 68 trillion of inheritance to the next generation and it will be trust planning that affects the tax-efficient transfer.

India Trust is projected to be a billion dollar revenue division within the next 36 months.

India Trust should be in the hands of an Indian entity. PERIOD.

The designed "playbook", so to speak, is for India Trust to grow to 150,000 Executive Trust Officers in the next 5 years.

These ETO's will be branded with their own identity, under the India Trust parent organization.

This is the absolute, very first time the Indian culture is being exposed to trust planning; however, it is a certainty that they will excel in finance, just as they have in every other professional endeavor.

1. Trust planning earns income in excess of the average doctor.
2. Trusts are the most effective device for investing in real estate.
3. Trust planning is an excellent business for those coming to the U.S. under the EB-5 Program, as it satisfies the creation of jobs stipulation.
4. The Tax ZERO Plan that will be incorporated to India Trust, allows that the single person will pay no tax on their first $73,456 and married people on $93,256.

For details on the acquisition of this unit, contact.

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