Business Description:
The Company Is A Recognized Pioneer, Leader And First Mover In The Emerging Market For Preventative Security Solutions Ina Niche Market For The Protection Of Property And Critical Infrastructure In Public And Private Sectors.

Currently, over 22 million unsecured access points in the U.S. remain unprotected and susceptible to threats ranging from theft of property to sabotage and terrorism. In recent years, this serious and imminent danger has gained increasing recognition among government authorities and private corporations. The critical assets involve telecommunications, gas, electric, water, etc. Damage to our life-lines would present enormous financial losses and paralysis of our way of living.

The Company is uniquely positioned in this virtually untapped and vast market. The Company has proprietary technology and strategic political relationships that are critical for maintaining a dominant position in this market.

The Company is seeking an infrastructure-oriented partner capable of contributing manufacturing and service capabilities.

Owner Qualifications:
The ideal partner for this Company may have (or can build) operations, manufacturing (metal fabrication and assembly), service (remote monitoring, maintenance and site inspections).

Most importantly this needs the right partner and all operations can continue to be outsourced depending on the discretion of the owners.

Potential Growth:

The Company has developed an overwhelming market demand that it cannot meet, because the Company lacks operations, manufacturing and service capabilities. The right partner at this critical stage either has or can create the corporate infrastructure, manufacturing and service for the Company’s proprietary products, allowing the Company to thrive in the exponential growth