Fantastic aged slots asset since Nov 2014 with consistent history and significant future potential due to its age. App earns on advertising with Chartboost, Mopub which is integrated. Don't miss this opportunity.

We have never done any marketing ever for the app and all traffic is organic. Similar to websites aged apps are more valuable than new apps when it comes to app search engine optimization.

We are paring down our portfolio and have not marketed it ever outside of the initial setup on iTunes. Unlike other app listings that are 100% dependent upon either the owner's social media presence or paid advertising, this casino app is generating revenue based totally on organic traffic. We have not spent a dime or an hour on paid marketing since launch, which is a testament to the aged history of this domain.

This app has lots of future potential as it is in the popular casino slots category and with a small investment in marketing can make a huge difference.

Here's what we will do as part of the offer:

Transfer the App to your iTunes Connect account:

- Integrate your Chartboost, Mopub code or other ad network code.
- Forward you the source code and supporting files including ad creatives via dropbox and introduce you to an experienced designer.
- Provide you with email and skype support whenever required.

This is a recurring revenue opportunity and unlike others listings that depend upon marketing and some system to generate traffic, ALL traffic to this app has been organic and has been consistent for nearly 2.5 years!