The Company is an IT Solutions Provider, supplying small businesses with technical expertise, new hardware, new software, and upgrades to existing hardware and software. Additionally, the Company is the source code owner, distributor, and manufacturer of two network-related software products.
Approximately 80% of annual revenue is received from the sale of computer-related products such as PCs, peripherals, and various accessories. The Company serves a diversified customer base covering multiple industries, including the thin client market. Generally, thin client is an industry term used to describe work station computers with limited or no hard disk space, and the bulk of data processing and storage is provided by the network server.

* Diversified customer base: The Company has customers in a diversity of industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, retail, and commercial printing.
* Strong client relationships: With its excellent services and technical knowledge, the Company has retained its major customers for many years.
* Management will remain through transition: The Company's management will remain in place through a reasonable transition period.

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