Looking for a prime location restaurant in a market area which many individuals has large amount of disposable income?

Located in South Fort Worth inside a well established plaza beside a university campus, this Italian Pizza restaurant is ready for acquisition. Established in early 2004 and acquired by the current owner of the business, this operation has already over a decade of establishing itself within the local area. A family-run Pizzeria has served very rustic & classic pastas, sandwiches, and pizzas in a straight forward manner since the establishment. Competition-wise there's a few in the immediate market area, but lacks in comparison to the past decade of the operation instilling its presence in the local community. In terms of the current sales, this operation averages $14,000 - $16,000 weekly without any form of a delivery service which could potentially be a huge increase in overall sales if included with In-store sales. Although the owner operates the business full-time, the owner wants to currently take some time off from the exhaustion of operating this business. Neighboring beside the retail strip center where the operation is located, a university campus full of students generates the majority of this business's customer base. Currently lacking in terms of marketing, but there's huge potential in the introduction of a delivery service within the local area. The delivery service should be proactively marketed to further increase sales and for this service to be known throughout the area. Such as the location of this business, great sales without marketing, well-establishment within the local area and the straight-forward manner this business operates has an immensely high potential to take this pizzeria to the next level. Equipped with very immaculately maintained equipment and interior, this is chance you cannot miss if you wish to acquire a prime location Pizzeria in an area vastly made of individuals with disposable income.