This Karaoke Bar and Restaurant is located in the Prapadaeng area of Samutprakarn Province, and was established eight years ago. The business has grown to be very successful in this time, but the owner feels the time is right to move on, as she has another restaurant that she wishes to devote her energies to. She will therefore turn her back on annual revenues of 13,733,520 baht which provide annual net profits of 2,400,000 baht. The asking price is set at 6,000,000 baht, but the owner states that the assets alone are worth this figure. The business only runs in the evenings, with 20 full time and 40 part time staff on the payroll; this totals 250,000 baht per month. Monthly rent is 70,000 baht with a three year renewable lease. All relevant licenses are in place and there is ample parking for 50 cars.