We are exclusive advisor to one of the top 10 largest ambulance service providers in the US. Gross Revs $ 70-100 MM, with Net Revs of $ 30-50 MM (exact revs to be disclosed after NDA). Company is run absentee for many years, with Mgt team in place running the company. This is a unique company with differentiating factors that make it a compelling acquisition. Company operates in multiple areas and states which have restrictive regulations that stifle competition. They have only 1 competitor in multiple markets they operate in. ALS call mix 25-30%; Emergent Mix 30-35%. Over 200+ contracts; very diversified revenues. Company has grown from $ 2 MM in sales to be one of the top 10 largest company of its type in the US during this ownership. Company implemented new technology within the last few years to prepare for future growth. New multi year contracts have been signed recently that will help co grow in late 2017 and in 2018 and beyond. More contracts being added in next couple of months. Excess growth capacity with existing fleet is 25%+. Principal Buyers Only respond please. Buyers will be prescreened to qualify. NO Brokers, Investment bankers, consultants or any Buyer paid fee situations. We specialize in this industry. Also have other ambulance companies available (some with synergies to this one).

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