This Los Angeles Area solar sales company has developed a marketing system that provides them a steady residential customer base and has allowed them to achieve remarkable year over year revenue and profit growth! With the solar tax credit program extended to 2022, this company is poised for continued growth and has the sale and installation capacity to triple sales. Unlike some firms, this one only sells solar systems as well as complementary energy efficient products and home improvements projects.

This 1,500 square foot office leases for less than $3,000 per month. The office is on a secure short term lease, but may also be relocated as necessary as it is not vital to the business. All of the business's furniture, fixtures, equipment and goodwill will be included in the sale. Approximately $1.25 million in accounts receivable and $300,000 in working capital will not be included in the sale, however, $100,000 - $200,000 in jobs in progress will be.

As high energy rates, coupled with a warm climate and an environmentally conscience population make Southern California and ideal market for alternative energy solutions, competition naturally exists. This company, however, has developed a formidable sales strategy that surpasses the competition in terms of effectiveness and cost efficiency. This approach, together with a fantastic leadership , sales teams and installation partner, provide the company with a strong long term competitive advantage that a strategic buyer may incorporate into their operation, or a an industry entrant may capitalize on to make their mark in the exploding solar industry.

This firm does not do its own installation, but rather outsources the function. At their current run rate they estimate that they could make an additional $400,000 in profit by taking this function in house. What’s more, they have the sales and installation capacity, as well as space available, to nearly triple the business!