Business Description:
This owner has a huge commercial art collection to be marketed worldwide on the internet.

Down payment: $ 1,000,000
Form of ownership: sole proprietorship
Reason for sale:
The owner of this company is looking for a partnership with a company that has the ability to market this huge collection on the internet.
The collection has been professionally appraised at $ 16m in 1989 . Today it has a value exceeding $ 50m and all rights to the reproduction of this collection will be included in the proposed partnership. The owner has a terrific proprietary and exclusive plan for marketing this collection.

Year established: 1970
Absentee owner: yes

Thousands of original copywrited paintings available nowhere else

Owner qualifications:
The owner is a well known personality and artist and has had a great deal of press over the years

Since this is a unique copywrited collection there is no direct competition in marketing these images. Most other sites market similar(to each other) well known images. This collection is shown nowhere else and it is therefore a most uniquely competitive business model. It is also priced better than any competitive collection. It is also the largest collection of it's kind available anywhere in the world.

Potential growth:
The business plan is to be the itunes of the art world and it will certainly attain that status.