Business Description.
This innovative company partners with foundations, nonprofits, community and governmental organizations throughout the country to develop specific research-based solutions to complex societal problems. They combine community and stakeholder-driven research with practical, hands-on experience and best practices, to develop solutions that bridge sectors, issues, beliefs and values.

Products & Services:
The company is nationally recognized for using community engagement, research and evaluation, strategy development and reassessment, building learning cultures, integrating learning/feedback loops, and adaptive planning to address complex societal problems. Services cover a wide array of skillsets and expertise, all oriented to igniting sustainable and meaningful change. The company employs unique and leverageable proprietary methodologies, assessment tools and techniques that enhance delivery and standardization of services.

Operational Strengths:
The company employs 17 multidisciplinary researchers, facilitators, project managers and staff. Their success is driven by optimum capacity utilization, a diversified client base, application of proprietary methodologies and assessment tools, technical competence, and a great reputation. The company excels in each of these areas, and is well-positioned for growth and success.

The Transaction:
The Company seeks a strategic buyer to increase capacity and continue serving its clients. Strong management and technical teams are in place. The Company’s management believes that either integrating into a wider corporate structure, or expanding independent operation, they could significantly increase their market share.

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