The company is a manufacturer of proprietary medical devices used for the treatment of constipation, non-laxative prep before colonoscopy, or other medical related treatments.

Key Aspects
· FDA registered, ISO 13485, and CE marked for colon hydrotherapy medical devices
· The medical device is currently in use by healthcare professionals in over 45 countries and meet numerous countries' medical device guidelines including Europe's EU, Health Canada, and ARTG Australia
· Primary sources of income: (1) Device manufacture with resupplied of required consumables. (2)Training persons to use devices as future hydrotherapists. (3) On site clinic for local clientele.
· Celebrity advocate promotes the company at seminars and trade shows

· Build a worldwide sales team
· In-house manufacturing of consumables for devices
· Increase targeted marketing
· Franchise clinics throughout the US
· Become an industry leader in a growing medical device field

Market Currently Served
The company provides devices and required consumables to customers throughout the US as well as numerous international buyers (currently 45 countries)

Real Estate
The company runs operations from a 5,000 sq. ft. and 300 sq. ft. building. The buildings are owned personally by one shareholder and are available for sale with the business or may consider moving to your own warehouse facility.

Shareholder/ Owner Objectives
The company has two shareholders, one of which has health concerns. They are seeking a full sale of the medical device manufacture and consumable business to pursue full or part time

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