This American based Medical Tourism Company is ideally looking to merge with a Thai company, as much of their business interests are in Thailand; other potential investors are also encouraged however. Working with top international hospitals such as BNH, Samitivej, TRSC and the Lasik Centre, the company has also established relationships with leading four and five star hotels in Bangkok, and works exclusively with an acknowledged travel agency, allowing the company to provide international service to customers form around the world. They anticipate franchising throughout the continental U.S., and are currently in the process of creating their own television show, thereby providing the company with tremendous exposure. The past 21 months has been spent in research and development, creating relationships with the hospitals and vendors, obtaining the relevant permits, licensing and full insurance coverage. After executives travelled throughout Asia, Thailand was deemed by them to be the best choice for medical facilities for American consumers. The company is offering a buy-in of up to 51% of stock, and the potential investor would also have the opportunity to participate in the television programme production. Funds will be used to expand franchise locations, and a detailed business prospectus will be provided to interested parties. Terms of the agreement are negotiable.

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