Hi, looking for $1.5 million infusion.
Briefly, ****** is an aggressive distribution system of our key health product. Currently we have more than 10,000 sales per month. We operate in two key markets, USA and the Philippines and are currently entertaining agreements to distribute in Vietnam, Indonesia and Poland. We have been distributing in our two markets for the last two years and in that period, we have built and improved our distribution system via our ADC (Distribution Centers, and Brand Shops). Our brand shops are utilized for distribution and educational purposes. Our core focus since the beginning was to build a strong marketing sales and distribution system based on our core product and then add additional products to complement our health line. I have built a strong management team with an excellent corporate culture in which to grow.

Over the last six months my team and I have outsourced our manufacturing and bottling to three different providers located in Canada, USA and Philippines, and as a result we have achieved consistency in production and in addition substantially reduced manufacturing and shipping costs in excess of 70%.

Just a brief note about myself. I was instrumental in starting a similar distribution venture from scratch to achieve 100 million in revenue in the EU in less than 5 years. I have very strong connections in Eastern Europe such as Czech Republic, Poland and to a lesser degree connections in Germany and other EU members.

I am offering partnership possibilities or ROI for perfect investment return or working partner. Exit plan is to go IPO in 3 to 5 years.

I look forward to possibly chatting with you to see if there is synergy.

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