The Creators/Founders of this Arizona corporation make this extraordinary education business immediately available for sale. This business can be easily and quickly incorporated in Utah and operated from Utah.

This business is in launch mode. It is comprised of an ultra professional, first class second language school that is in extreme demand throughout the United States. The business is established as a Franchise System in the United States. Proprietary materials include over 70 curricula, over 70 text/workbooks, the Franchise Disclosure Document, operational manuals, training manuals, human resources materials, 766 flash cards in five languages, three web sites, audio recordings, promotional materials, forms and documents, a registered service mark, and more.

The USA Franchising Program involves a second language academy, consisting of 70 courses. Courses range for students from elementary school, to junior and senior high school, to college, to adults, and into the workplace with avocation-specific courses. Each course has its own curriculum for classroom work and its own text/work book for homework as well as an audio recording. Taught in this academy are speaking, listening, reading, and writing: communication. All of the materials are fully synchronized, having been written by professional second language educators with many years of experience in the classroom.

There are multiple and significant revenue streams inherent in this education business which can produce swift income, significant income, and continuing income.

Second language instruction is at peak demand right now throughout the United States as the global economy has reached full momentum. Public schools are eliminating second language courses because of budget cuts just as the need reaches a crescendo. This second language academy fills this glaring void with courses in Spanish, French, German, and Russian...and further for investigators in Italian and Arabic.

In the United States, there is now an extreme demand for quality second language instruction...and that demand is about to go off the charts. This academy will accommodate that demand nationwide throughout the United States.

All can be initiated at once upon purchase.

Sellers will stay on as consultants for a period of time and train Buyers.

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