The Creators/Founders of this Arizona corporation make this extraordinary education business immediately available for sale. The business can be incorporated very easily and quickly in Arizona and operated from Arizona.

This business is in launch mode. It is an ultra professional, first class investigation school primarily for private sector investigators (Loss Prevention Professionals, Private Investigators, and Security Agents) that is in extreme demand throughout the United States. Students will also include Human Resources Professionals, business owners, executives, and managers, business employees, parents and grandparents, and public law enforcers. The business is established as a Franchise System in the United States. Proprietary materials include over 40 bound curricula, over 25 hardbound textbooks, the Franchise Disclosure Document, operational manuals, training manuals, human resources materials, three web sites, promotional materials, forms and documents, a registered service mark, and more.

The USA Franchising Program involves an investigation academy of incomparable value and worth, consisting of over 20 courses and over 25 seminars. Courses range for students from high school to college and into the workplace with many avocation-specific courses. All of the textbooks and curricula for the courses and seminars are proprietary to this investigation academy, having been written specifically for this investigation academy by professional investigators from the public and private sector.

There are multiple and significant revenue streams inherent in this education business which can produce swift income, significant income, and continuing income.

The need for private sector investigators to have detailed knowledge about document examination, forensic accounting, digital forensics, missing children, arson investigation, vehicle accident investigation, identity theft, corporate espionage, terrorism and the many other loss-creating activities perpetrated against businesses is at an all-time high.

All this can be initiated at once upon purchase.

Sellers will stay on as consultants for a period of time and train Buyers.

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