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Oct 12, 2009Software firm for sale with Natural Language (text) Processing software development technology: C/C++ source code and databases of twenty software programs for parsing, spell-checking (grammatical and orthographical), machine translation (incl. into plain English or German), content recognition, question answering, logical inference, text to speech, text to video, text-to-voice-and-video, text summarisation and text attribution for English, German, French, Italian. U.S. patents pending (since August, 2011) for the latest software programs. One can develop more accurate spell-checkers and Machine Translation software programs than the competition. One can improve the Question Answering software program and develop on this basis an intelligent computer or robot understanding natural language and capable of independent reasoning. Having created such an artificial brain, one can integrate it in Computer Operating Systems, manufacture intelligent pet animals, etc. One can expand our Text Attribution software and develop better search engines based on meaning, irrespective of language. Reason for sale: retirement of the owners.

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