Luxury Accommodations at affordable rates. Buyers are offered 20 apartments of various sizes and layouts. The building offers one-bedroom apartments for up to five-room, ranging from 61.5 to 287.8 sq.m. Perhaps the purchase of two garages, each for two cars.
The project "The Sun" is different from other similar projects to its unique location and historical value, as well as a rich history and beautiful architecture of the late 19th, early 20th century building. Apartments sold in Shell & Core stage. It is a term that defines the readiness of the room. The apartments are sold with prepared walls and let down, but not divorced utilities, telephone networks, for further repair of apartments, according to individual preferences.
Prague 2. Next to the building is a lot of great places in Prague's historic center.
The cost of apartments from 5,244,632 to 26,824,208 CZK. The apartment has a basement. Tax on registration of transfer of ownership of 4% of the cost. The documents are ready to deal. Additional information is available upon request.