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Jul 12, 2018This chemical manufacturing company was founded in 2003. In 2011 the company merged with a chemical distributor. The purpose of the merger was access to new markets, lower cost of product, & brand building. It now manufactures, wholesales & distributes car wash & detail chemicals to the automotive & car-wash industry, which consists of hand, coin-operated, automatic & full-service car washes, and new & used car dealers & detail shops. Chemical formulas are proprietary and are kept updated to meet industry demands. The company offers a complete line of car wash chemicals, waxes, polishes, compounds, dressings, soaps, cleaners, solvents & accessories. Revenues are comprised of 76% manufactured products, 16% brushes, applicators & Chamois towels, 4% janitorial supplies, and 4% other miscellaneous items such as detailing products & aerosols. The company touts higher quality, lower cost & faster service over their competitors. They have 250 repeat customers with the largest customer comprising 9% of total revenue in 2017. Market area is 95% Greater Houston Metro Area, leaving lots of opportunity to expand outside those boundaries around the State and to the national level. There are two owners, one manages routes, inventory levels & accounts payable. The other owner is responsible for product manufacturing, raw material purchasing, formulation & troubleshooting. Staff: 1. An office manager handles payables, receivables, payroll. 2. A blending supervisor for quality control, testing, maintaining raw material, inventory, issues requisitions when needed. 3. An inventory & packaging supervisor. The other 2 employees handle deliveries, equipment installations, service issues. Online Orders can be made through the company's website. Please refer to Listing #8108RS

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