In business since 2004, we have real obsession for innovation!
We started by pizza format. Engineers did the calculations and concluded that the Pizza Square of Muzza is at least 25% higher than the traditional round.
But back to our obsession ... After creating promotions and different flavors, we decided to once again innovate and revolutionize the way you ordered pizza to order online. By internet you can choose flavor, size, additional frames and still earn points to win prizes, all to meet the desire of our consumers.
The OS Franchise MUZZARELLAS System seeks to develop and expand the number of units competently, where the Franchisee shall devote, figuring as an important task in
THE MUZZARELLAS franchise system, attention and care to the quality, hygiene and presentation of the house, including its facilities and staff.
Area from 80 m²
Franchise fee: R $ 40,000; Working Capital: R $ 25,000 to R $ 35,000; Installation (furniture and equipment); R $ 60,000 to R $ 70,000; Installation (retirement, alarm, facade and architectural design): R $ 50,000 to R $ 60,000; Average Monthly Revenue: R $ 70,000 to R $ 90,000; Operating income: 20%; Royalties: 5% gross sales; Marketing Fund: 4% (FB) being 2% and 2% Institutional MKT MKT place; Return time: 24 to 28 months; Franchise agreement: 60 months;
Total estimated investment: R $ 175,000 R $ 200,000