Fantastic Casino & gaming opportunity in Guyana, South America.

We have an exclusive agreement with the government of Guyana to fit out a 15,000 sqm casino in a building attached to the 5 star Marriott Hotel in the Guyana capital Georgetown. The Marriott is owned by the government so they are the landlord. A long-term leasing / rental agreement will be put in place at the prevailing market rate ($1.5-2 per sq.ft.subject to terms etc).

The Casino share a common entrance, staircase, lobby area and main mechanical room, with segregated internal access and utilities to be installed and maintained by the Lessee, with the reminder of the Entertainment Complex.

The only other Casino in Guyana is by the Ramada Princess hotel, It is a very profitable operation with a size of 16,000 sq.ft. There are 250 slot machines, 16 casino table games including high-limit tables for premium casino players who enjoy Blackjack, Roulette and Poker games.

We are looking for an operator (who will fit it out) and can provide / demonstrate asap:
> An Operational Plan setting out General approach to the management and admin of the Casino.
> A Managerial and HR capacity plan (training, education and employment of local staff is a huge thing for the government).
> Financial capability and commitment / credibility of the operator to independently complete construction (limited), outfitting and operating the Casino with an opening date being strictly determined based on a Work Breakdown Schedule (WBS).
> Ability to comply with operational requirements of local law and to complete, outfit and operate operate a casino on par with international standards, including inter-alia, the provision of comprehensive staff training and management development programmes safeguarding employment and standards.

Guyana is very up and coming with huge oil and gas reserves just discovered by Exxon-Mobile. The International runway in Georgetown is currently under reconstruction in preparation for handling global long-haul flights. The oil majors are pouring in oil & gas staff and the economy is seriously taking off. Please note there is only ONE casino in the whole of Guyana currently.

We can discuss both a JV with an established operator who will arrange the fit out and operate the Casino, or alternatively we can sell the project outright. In both cases we will undertake to provide all government agreements / licenses etc.

The JV option can be discussed price wise while the outright sale is costing $850,000.

This will generate a full blown 24 hour licensed Casino (the second only in the country and also with possibility for an online gaming license included) for a total price of less than $2 mill (fully fitted out and ready to operate). It is a cash generating machine with potential for a $100 mill+ turnover.