Our company manufactures vegan cookies, sugar free cookies and sugar free granola. In response to the speed at which our delicious, vegan sugar free products sell, we have made the decision to focus our attention to the fact that diabetes has reached epidemic status and proportions in the United States. 80 million diabetics and pre-diabetics and they all shop and would love something sweet. We have it.

Although a small company, our fundamentals are strong and our products very well established on the West Coast with some distribution in the NY area and with an extremely loyal and growing following We service Natural foods chains and Independent markets.

Considering the fact that we are not in thousands of stores and considering our per store monthly invoicing, we know that our company is poised to go to the next level and that the acquirer can expect great performance. In addition the recent Amazon's Whole Foods acquisition in only the past few weeks has considerably boosted our sales. We are excited to see where this will take us.

If you are in the business, you know how extremely difficult it is to get and keep shelf-space. Not only how many years it takes but also how hundreds of thousands of dollars it costs.

Well, we boast up to 26 SKUs on shelves some of which have been at Whole Foods and other smaller chains for as long as 24 years.

The right acquirer would save years of grueling effort and millions and get instantaneous shelf-space with products that sell Way better than average and which can immediately be taken at national level.

We operate from a 6500 sqft facility with a 3 year lease renewable and have a capacity of up to 5M. By the end of 2017 we will have grown between 13% to 20% over last year if sales continue at the same pace.

In the right hands, each of our 5 lines of products, individually have a potential in the tens of millions.