Purchasing the patent to this unique scum and floating sludge removal system will bring the new owner protected and exclusive rights to manufacture and market the system into the UK and European wastewater and effluent treatment industry. This breakthrough and innovative system completely solves the problem of scum, fat and other floating sludge reducing the efficiency of effluent treatment plants. Equally important, it has no direct competition in the marketplace. The potential exists to install one of these systems in every waste treatment plant throughout the whole of the UK and Europe. Already 115 units are successfully operating in 30 sites across the UK and Eire. Reliable, field-proven and robust electro-mechanical design reduces maintenance down-time to an absolute minimum and so maximising treatment plant productivity. High profit margin achievable with 50% to 65% mark-up. Poised to dominate in the UK and European wastewater treatment industry. Patent protected, unique product with no direct competition. Would ideally suit electro-mechanical manufacturing company already supplying to the waste treatment industry to complement their existing product range. Variants available for the food industry, offering opportunities to exploit new markets. Conservative projected revenues for the new owner are in the region of £450,000 in the first year, realising net earnings of £225,000 (at 50% mark-up). By implementing a pro-active marketing strategy, combined with an effective sales force, the potential exists to double sales revenue and earnings in the second year. Offers for the patent and exclusive rights are invited in the region of £350,000 For further detailed information contact David Mattocks

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