Excellent business opportunity for this personal training franchise gym located in Northern New Jersey, Bergen County with a projected 2017 gross income of $315,000 and a projected net yearly income of $111,000 based on an onsite owner coach / operator. This three-year young personal training gym is a world-class facility conveniently located in Northern New Jersey, near to the New York Giants Stadium. In their 7,800 square-foot facility they offer a broad training program that is suitable for any level of fitness and they are also attached to a Reebok retail store. The gym offers ten classes daily each designed for specific results. The facility is designed to be state-of-the-art, from equipment to accessories. The gym is staffed with the best personnel in the industry, including coaches, therapists, managers, and specialists. Their marketing strategy is pro-active and built specifically for each project with one overarching theme, to inform the world, they deliver quality, produce results, and are the best in their industry. They work with the top athletes and coaches in the world to create only the highest quality results that help their clients reach their fitness goals! Their program is based on a specific multi facet methodology, which means they do constantly varied, functional movements (like squats, push-ups, and weightlifting) at a high-intensity. Functional movements are organic in nature, innate to our DNA and essential to our quality of life. In addition to the exercise staples such as pull-up bars, ropes and rings, free weights, kettlebells, rowers and jump ropes, this company also boasts three fully equipped Eleiko lifting platforms and bumper plates and their floor is equipped to drop weight! They have a community of athletes, of all abilities lead by coaches who teach movement, technique, and inspire group workouts multiple times per day and they make sure every session leads to a stronger, faster, and happier you. Their mission is to create one world, encompassing the full circle of wellness: fitness, nutrition, and recovery. They understand that to change the face of fitness, you must build a culture focused achieving success and “charging” with a never quit mentality. This positive and inspiring attitude runs throughout their gyms, members, staff, coaches, supplements, athletes, and partners; it is the central pillar of their business. This industry does not require government licensing approval to purchase or operate, however franchise licensing approval is required. The business fixed assets has an estimated value of approximately $126,217 which is based on equipment and licensing replacement cost and the sale consists of a fully equipped gym, which includes displays, shelving, POS system, tables, computers, software, separate exercise equipment, including all the necessary equipment to maintain the day to day business operation and a list of assets will be supplied to purchaser upon request. This personal fitness center has ten full & part time employees who are unaware of the pending sale and fully expected to remain post-closing, and the monthly payroll is approximately $6,750. The business has an assignable commercial lease which expires 2025-01-01 plus additional options, with a monthly rent of $6,999, cost per square foot is estimated at $10.77 and rent security of approximately $11,000.

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