Starting a business does not have to be hard! Franchising takes all of the doubt out of the process, simplifying every detail. Simplified so much that you are provided with a team that offers support for each aspect of the business, and you are still the boss! Tested, proven, and easy, who could ask for more?

Broker is pleased to offer one of the oldest mobile device repair franchises in the industry with the available territory of Lafayette, Louisiana. This widely known and respected franchise has been around for years. The business specializes in on-the-premises repair of a wide array of cell phones, iPods and other electronic devices with high earnings potential.

Franchisees are offered assistance with most aspects of getting started including training, site selection, lease negotiation, recruiting, co-op advertising, and financing! This franchise opportunity is confidently set for success! The business model will support an absentee or “hands on" owner. With this exploding industry, an opportunity like this will not sit idle. Contact us today to learn how easy and affordable it is to get started with this hot franchise!